September 30, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review September 30, 2020

Open with Lunch Orders to Copper Grill 11:35AM - Parking Tickets to Marion

Thank Yous started with Samantha at 12:15PM
Welcome to our guest JJ Slayton with TierPoint Data

JTed recognized Karl Freeman for the Business Brief
Karl's Business Brief was very informative regarding the housing market and trends in Little Rock. Thanks Karl!

Leads by Tony
Today's Leads Winners were Samantha Morris and Lisa Buehler
Place your Leads online- now, How easy is that?

Events by Colleen
Patrick McIntire - Host
Open House Hosted by East End Towing Saturday October 10, 2020 6-8 pm
First Ever ENO Open House Family Friendly for the kids and grandkids

Lots of Golf Thanks Yous - Great Event! Thanks Chris & Tim (Country Club) Coleen & Andrea
20 Golfers 30 Dinner
John Carr & Jim Milliman
Kyle Kifer
Cole Walden

Thanks to Floral Express @ Garlene's Garden & Events for the excellent dinner
an additional report will be under "Board" tab on website for future reference
Mystery Tour is our next event October 17th, Will meet at the 630 & 430 Commuter Lot
see the website Event Calendar for details
Great September Open House! Thank you Larry Barnes, Andrea Shaw & Colleen Carr
Pay your Dues online!
Flower Winners Phillip Wells, Karl Freeman, Lisa B., Doug Greenwood, John Johnson & Nolen Hughes
Closing Remarks State of the Club Meeting October 28 and Full on Orientation Presentation
Thank Guests for attending, Great Service by Lee of Copper Grill
Attendance 18