September 2, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review September 2, 2020

Open with Lunch Orders to Copper Grill 11:35AM - Parking Tickets to Marion

Welcome 12:00PM - introduce Chris Cerrato to introduce our guests Jamie Collins and Kevin Howard
City of LR

Welcome Guests by Joel Johnson

Welcome New Members by Joel Johnson
DeeDee Helbig of Ava's Day Spa
Ryan Strickland Pinnacle Automotive and Aaron Houff AH Plumbing

Thank You's and Introductions

Leads by Joe Frederick website
If the business has happened it is a thank you
If the business has not happened it is a lead

Last Meeting Leads Winners were Samantha Morris and Frank Kelly
Today's Leads Winners, Patrick McIntire & JTed Lewis
Bar Sponsorships for Golf Tournament and Christmas Party
Events by Colleen Check the Event Calendar for details
Be a Golf Sponsor, Reach out to Colleen or Andrea
Christmas Party Announcement by Samantha
Our August 13th Custom Cocktail Thursday!
was attended by an intimate group of 11 at 109& company...2 guests Samantha Shaw and Sam Cooper
Nominees for the upcoming slate Frank Kelly and David Payne
Welcome Colleen Carr & Tony Ferguson as new board members, filling recent vacancies.

Asa and Colleen have updated the Covid information on the website.

Online Dues are simpler and faster
Flowers to be given away, Thanks to Floral Express @ Garlene's Garden

Thank you Guest for attending Ben Temple, guest of Nolen Hughes
City of Little Rock Directors Jamie and Kevin
Holiday Inn is the new building going up in East Village.
22 Attendance