September 16, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review September 16, 2020

Open with Lunch Orders to Copper Grill 11:35AM - Parking Tickets to Marion

Welcome 12:00PM - Introduce Joe/Tony to introduce our guests
UAMS Auxiliary Jason Lewis, Allison Atkinson, Marcia Dunbar

Welcome Guests by Joel Johnson, Rick Dewese and Joel Johnson

Welcome New Members by Joel Johnson
Tentative new member application has been sent to the membership for approval Ben Temple

Ryan Strickland Pinnacle Automotive and Aaron Houff AH Plumbing

Leads by Joe/Tony
Last Meeting Leads Winners were JTed Lewis and Patrick McIntire
Bar Sponsorships for Golf Tournament and Christmas Party
A sheet of paper for members to sign up for sponsorship was passed around

Events by Andrea and Colleen
Open House
Mystery Tour
Christmas Party

Online Dues
Flowers to be given away
Closing Remarks
Thank Guests for attending