October 28, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review October 28, 2020

Welcome to the Greatest Networking Club in Arkansas- No Guests - Election Day
No Membership Thank you/Introductions - Time restraints - The room was festive with Red, White & Blue Decor, additional wine give away, balloons & floral medallions

Board Nominations, Elections Wednesday October 28, 2020
John Johnson, Andrea Shaw, Joel Johnson, David Payne & Frank Kelly Vote for 5

"The membership shall be notified of the nominations by announcing at the first regular meeting in October and by email distribution the same day as the first regular meeting in October." Section 5
October 14, 2020 Marion sent out email
Paper Ballots were placed on the lunch tables by Tony, John and Joel and collected and counted by same. No Nominations from the floor.
20 Ballots were entered by email to Marion


Joel Johnson - Membership Update - 61 Members (See website for breakdown)

Each New Member was allowed to stand up and introduce themselves & their business
Dan Kovach - Copper Grill / Sponsor JTed - Dan Kovach - excused absent (flooding rains)
Patrick McIntire - East End Towing / Sponsor JTed
Aaron Houff - Aaron Houff Plumbing / Sponsor JTed - Aaron Houff - unexcused absence
Ryan Strickland - Pinnacle Automotive / Sponsor Patrick McIntire
Seth McIntire - McIntire Lawn & Landscape / Sponsor Patrick McIntire
Ben Tyler - The Tyler Group / Sponsor Nolen Hughes
Kyle Kifer - Elite Functional Rehab / Sponsor Doug Greenwood
DeeDee Helbig - Ava Bella Day Spa / Sponsor Karl Freeman
Tony Ferguson - F5 Ranch Direct / Sponsor Tony Ferguson

JTed covered the part in the bylaws "a member in good standing" for Orientation
Starting January 2021 - There will not be any exceptions to attendance to be a member in "Good Standing". Follow the by-laws and exercise One on One to maintain your attendance.

Leads - Joe & Tony - Inside Lead Winner Patrick McIntire / Outside Lead Winner Samantha Morris - Joe stressed that you should start putting your dollar amounts on the sign in sheets and encouraged all to use your website to enter your Leads.
Thank you to Jonathan of O'Looney's for the Gift Cards

John Johnson - Financials update Copies of finances were placed on tables

Tony Ferguson - Business Brief - Check out your website and see that F5 Ranch Direct is featured under Member Spotlight - Good Job Tony - Tony is now holding 2 categories in ENO.

Events- Andrea Shaw - Update on the Mystery Tour - Great trip, kudos to Wiederkehr Vineyards and Little Rock Coaches, Cary Martin

November - we are looking at a Razorback Tailgate Party" November 21. 2020 Ark vs LSU
December 8 Tuesday Christmas Party - Heights Corner Market - A Speakeasy Christmas
Looking and encouraging Christmas Sponsors $100.00

Sponsorships for Golf Event - Thank you to Gordy $1000.00 and Frank Kelly $800.00

Calendar -
Holiday Calendar
ENO Lunch Wednesday
November 11
Christmas Party Tuesday
November 21
Razorback Tailgate Party Ark vs LSU
December 8
ENO Lunch Wednesday
December 16
ENO Lunch Wednesday

Mike Miller - One on One - Explained and copy has been placed on your website under Business Up

Election Results presented by Joel Johnson Membership Director in Samantha Morris' absence.
All passed no objections. 20 by email / 22 in person Total 42 Votes
New Responsibilities 2021 John Johnson will be Vice-President, Frank Kelly will be Secretary, David Payne will be Financials, Joe Frederick and Tony Ferguson will join Joel Johnson in assisting in Retention/Orientation, .all other board members will continue with present responsibilities.
Welcome 2021 Board of Directors

Flower Winners - Jeff Yates, Roger Best, Ben Temple, Seth McIntire, Alison Kuykendall (filling in for Kyle Kifer of Elite Functional Rehab) Tony Ferguson, Joe Frederick

Balloon Winners - DeeDee, Karl, Mike, David

Election Day Wine Winners - Lisa, Betsy, Joel, Kayla, Doug, Nolen, John
Congratulations to all of the Winners!
Great lunch by Copper Grill and awesome service by Lee
Attendance 22 - Covid Safe Practices were followed.
Thank you Board of Directors for an awesome job in Marion's absence.