October 14, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review October 14, 2020

Open with Lunch Orders to Copper Grill 11:35AM - Parking Tickets to Marion

Thank Yous started with Linda Anderson at 12:10PM
Welcome to our guest Police Officer Tracy Brandon
Jay Gadberry and Ted Clouser

Insert - I received emails from membership as to why we had two guests attending but better yet promoting their businesses as we have those categories filled with members in good standing...If you have been following the promotions of the ENO club by way of the LUNCH REVIEWS posted on your ENO web site, you know that ENO now has a page on Linked IN, our guests were a result of an invitation I sent out to over 1000 Linked In Business Members. Why? I knew we may get opposing attendance but what we also now have is all of the followers of the guests that attended this lunch. My hope is to continue to grow the club with new categories.
Members that were in attendance noticed I recognized and welcomed these guests first so as to avoid them speaking as we rounded the room with our thank yous...best intentions...
"Thinking outside the box"

Leads by Joe Frederick
website www.enolr.org
Today's Leads Winners were DeeDee Helbig and Lisa Buehler
Place your Leads online- now, How easy is that?

Events by Colleen
Patrick McIntire of East End Towing and Seth McIntire of Mcintire Lawn and Landscape Hosts
Open House was Saturday October 10, 2020 6-8 pm
First Ever ENO Open House Family Friendly for the kids and grandkids
Kudos to Patrick and Seth for Hosting a great Outdoor Open House Event

Mystery Tour is our next event October 17th, Will meet at the 630 & 430 Commuter Lot
see the website Event Calendar for details

Pay your Dues online!
We have Flower Winners! DeeDee Helbig and ?
November is an open month for an Open House????

Closing Remarks State of the Club Meeting October 28 and Full on Orientation Presentation
Thank Guests for attending, We really appreciate Officer Brandon for sharing the State of our City. We Back the Blue! Jay Gadberry and Ted Clouser (LinkedIn Invite) Great Service by Lee of Copper Grill
Attendance 33

EMail sent out to announce The Nomination Slate for Elections October 28, 2020 Lunch