March 31, 2021

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ENO Lunch Review March 31, 2021

Wednesday March 31 at 11:35AM Copper Grill – Bring in your parking tickets for validation
Parking is available at the corner of Rock and East 3rd, At Stop sign facing East make a left into the garage, bring the gate ticket inside to Marion for free parking.

Have you shared a LEAD? Do so now…log onto
Now wAsn’t that easy? Like hitting the Easy Button.

Here is another BusIness Booster for you…On Google type in any of the Member Spotlight ENO Businesses and then give them a 5 STAR Review – Another EASY BUTTON

How do I become a Member in the Spotlight? Contact Joe or Tony and give a Business Brief! bada bing Bada boom

Mark your calendar Wine Wednesday at ZIN May 5th, 5:45PM
See the Event Calendar on your web site and simply click “add to my calendar” Google or iCal
Invite Friends, Business Associates and Potential Members, the more we reach out the more potential business we will Gather.

RSVP for this lunch at

Pay yoUr dues. ID enolr PW 2020 As we gear up for an eventful 2021 year!

Each Thursday 6:00PM to 7:00PM is BootCamp. (exception 3rd Thursday) of each week at The Little Rock Athletic Club – Thanks to Frank Lawrence our BootCamp Leader

OPEN HOUSE at Beth Mason’s Mark your Calendars May 20th 5:35PM
See the Event Calendar

Are you a member in “Good Standing” How is your attendance? Have you paid your quarterly dues? Are you sending Leads? Time for a Business Brief, Business Up? When was the last time you hosted an Open House?
All of the answers will be available at The State of the Club Lunch Meeting April 7th at COpper Grill.
Did you know if you are not a member in “Good Standing” that your category is open for another business to take your place?

Please RSVP to Marion

Did you notice the 6 upper case letters in this email that were out of place? (they should have been lower case letters) Find the 6 and put together the name of the City and tell us Wednesday at lunch, What country this city is in and your name will be placed in a drawing for a Complimentary bottle of Wine, a Bouquet of Flowers and a Gift Card from Copper Grill.

See you at The Greatest Networking Organization in Arkansas! Bring a Guest!

DeeDee Helbig was the Winner of the City and Country Puzzle: The Answer –
Bagio, Philippines