March 18, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review March 18, 2020

We want to thank Coleen Carr for her insight regarding Covid 19 Thanks for keeping us up to date. Take a look at Colleen's and Asa's emails as more information is available.

This year we have heard from fellow members Misty Borkowski, Andrea Shaw, Bitsy Tilly, Morris Mitchell and Chuck Denton, keep them in mind, and share their business with people you meet.

Each member was able to share about how we can help each other. Reviews happened on all businesses web sites that were set up with review capabilities.
Have you checked out your business category? Is it there? Is it correct?

Welcome Joel Johnson's guest, Tammy Johns of Women's Roofers Association,
Thanks for joining us!

Flower Winners from Floral Express, Joel Johnson, David Payne and Chris Jenkins...Congratulations!

Thank You Beth Mason for your Email Business Up of encouragement and success!

Joe Frederick collected the leads and we shared with each other.
A business lead connection was made between Mark Chard of Curtis Stout and Colleen Carr of Sherwood Economic Development, real exciting!
All were placed in a drawing for a complimentary gift certificate from O'looney's. Thank you Jonathan for your generosity.
Congratulations Chris Cerrato

Congratulations to our own member Dan Kovach of Copper Grill for his work on feeding
Little Rock's First Responders and keeping his staff working. Thanks to all that have generously given and continue to give.

All Meetings and Events have been cancelled. Keep watching your web site for calendar updates.
I've had calls, emails from fellow members regarding the lack of business...if you can generate any business with any member during this difficult time, please do so.
All members business phone numbers are on your ENO web site under categories.

Stay safe and stay away from each other. Kill the Virus!