July 8, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review July 8, 2020

We were greeted with special guest Ben Brenner of Swamp Donkey! Music of Delta Blues, Jazz of New Orleans and Blues of Memphis were performed as we ordered our lunch.

Welcome and Thank Yous around the room Samantha brought it to our attention that Phillip Wells is now a published author! Congratulations Phillip!

Joel Johnson tells us...
Ryan Strickland Pinnacle Automotive and Aaron Houff of Aaron Houff Plumbing were announced as our newest members.
Ryan Strickland is sponsored by our newest member Patrick McIntire of East End Towing.
I am encouraging all of us to bring new members into the club. Thanks Patrick!

Leads by Joe Frederick. Log on to see the NEW Leads section on your website
Our Leads winners were Chris Cerrato and Joe Frederick. They each received a $25.00 credit at O'looney's. Thank You Jonathan for your generosity.

Business Up by Swamp Donkey Ben Brenner, Ben shared some uplifting thoughts on successful business during these Covid times. You just do not realize how everyone is affected by this pandemic. Ben sold several of his CD's and played a couple of tunes that he wrote himself for our Business Up segment. Music lifts the heart and was a great change for this lunch. Thanks Ben!

Events Update by Samantha Morris
Bar Sponsorships for Golf Tournament and our very "different" Christmas Party.
The Mystery Dinner is in the works also.
Check out your ENO Event Calendar for the details.
Thanks Samantha for filling in for Andrea Shaw.

Business Brief by Joel Johnson - Joel introduced a Roof Warranty program. We had brochures and ink pens on the tables! Check it out at www.YourRoofLeakDetective.com Pass the word of PI Roofings services. Thanks Joel

Open House Announcement by our hosts Curtis Stout, Mark Chard, David Payne, Karl Freeman and Joe Frederick July 23 at Curtis Stout Company
Details are on the ENO website Event Calendar

Thanks Dan Kovach and Lee for an excellent lunch! 21 Attendance

Yes! We had 6 flower winners! Thanks to Floral Express @ Garlene's Garden & Events
Board of Directors Meeting July 20, 2020

Adjourned at 12:55PM to the music of Swamp Donkey! Great Vibes!