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1900 North Monroe Street
Little Rock, AR 72207

Our customers feel the passion when we go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied with products and services we provide. The detailed focus of true service is what we provide every customer. I am a strong believer in picking up the phone when it rings and responding in a timely manner. This dedication to service shows who we are at the core of our business.

Thank you to all of my business customers, business partners, and close friends I work with everyday.

Over the past few years small to medium sized businesses have gotten lost in the shuffle of large telecom companies. With constant change in personnel, long hold times, and constant transfers, the small to medium sized businesses haven't gotten the attention they deserve. I feel that with someone that knows how these companies work and the ability to get things done, I can help save your business time and money. I have been in the industry for over 19 years, and have learned what businesses need and the best way to negotiate on their behalf. The past two and a half years I have had the opportunity to work with multiple local businesses in multiple facets, which has created very successful relationships. I am a big believer in answering customer calls and getting things done as quickly as possible which is why my customers are satisfied.

We know the challenges you face in getting issues resolved and finding solutions that take care of all your technology needs. As your partner, we’re here to back you up at a moment’s notice, provide support every step of the way and ensure an exceptional customer experience, every time. We’re not just solutions providers or problem solvers— we’re also relationship builders. We truly care about your company and want to be your trusted business advisor not just for today, but for the long haul.


I am an experienced telecom executive, who has developed strong relationships with leading local and national carriers. I have worked for the carrier and understand how they think and what their respective strengths are in terms of cost, technology, installation, service and long-term support.

As your trusted advisor, we’re equally as diligent in getting to know your company, down to every detail and pain point, and in working with you to provide choices that address all your concerns. With CCI, you benefit from expert advice and an unbiased, objective assessment you can trust for future- proof solutions that best fit your business and your bottom line.