Biztek Connection, Inc

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5323 John F Kennedy Blvd
North Little Rock, AR 72116

If your business is plagued with ongoing computer problems but you don’t know who to trust to fix them fast, fix them right, and make everything just plain work the way it’s supposed to, I have the solution you have been looking for.

My name is Roger Best, CEO of BizTek Connection. What makes us unique is that we guarantee to make technology EASY for you – that includes guaranteeing 60-minute or less response times; owning problems instead of blaming your ISP, software vendor or other outside problem; and guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with our old-fashioned customer service.

Although this isn’t an amazing concept, I’m amazed at how many IT firms don’t get this right. And if you’re currently at your wits’ end about your current IT person because they never seem to get everything working… are totally unreliable about responding to problems… don’t follow through on their promises… don’t take ownership of problems when they arise… and overall provide really shabby service, we can help.