August 5, 2020

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ENO Lunch Review August 5, 2020

Open with Lunch Orders to Copper Grill - Parking Tickets to Marion

Welcome and Thank Yous around the room

Welcome Guests by JTed
Dee Dee Helbig of Ava Bella Day Spa
Welcome New Members
Ryan Strickland Pinnacle Automotive
Aaron Houff of Aaron Houff Plumbing could not be here today due to his wife having surgery.
Check out his new web site, found on the ENO web site.

Leads by Joe Frederick. Log on to see the NEW Leads section on your website
Remember it is a Lead if the work has not happened. If the work has been completed it is a Thank You.
Enter your leads on the web site to insure you are a part of the Leads Drawings for a $ 25.00 Shopping Extravaganza at O'looney's Wine & Liquor!
Members Identify yourself when you enter the store. Thank You Jonathan!
Last Meeting (July 22) Leads Winners are.....Patrick McIntire and Joel Johnson
Today's Leads Winners are... Joe Frederick and Frank Kelly
Congratulations Members on your Leads Submissions.
Your Lead may be submitted up to midnight online Tues Prior to a lunch meeting to be part of the drawing.

Future Orientation for new members

Business Up Thanks to Nolen for his encouraging Business Up...he is working on a new Call Center for Jan-Pro.
The good news shared from Mark Chard about the uptick in his business at Curtis Stout due to the Covid 19. Congrats to both members!!

Bar Sponsorships for Golf Tournament and Christmas Party
Shawn Sollowy will be reaching out to you
Today Bob Butler $ 100.00 for the Christmas Party
JTed Lewis $ 100.00 for the Golf Tournament

Business Brief by Phillip Wells of Red Book, Congratulations Phillip on your new book release!

August 20th join your Board of Directors for Custom Cocktail Thursday at 109 & Company
See the Event Calendar on your website.

Online Dues - Your invoices will be out to you next week. You may pay online.

Congratulations to our flower winners! Thanks Floral Express!

Closing Remarks
Board of Directors Meeting Date forthcoming.
Thank You Dee Dee for being with us today. Thank You Karl Freeman for bringing her as your guest.
Thank You Copper Grill and Lee for an excellent lunch! 17 Attendance