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You can automatically add YLD to your MetaMask wallet by clicking the “Add YLD to MetaMask” button on www.yield.app/yld. This will add the correct ERC-20 token to your Ethereum wallet. Please note that this does not apply to the polygonal network! Make sure you never send tokens to the contract address. YIELD App publishes company performance and other relevant key figures every two weeks. In addition to the total number of assets on the platform, it also publishes the cash rebalancing addresses (where the company buys its YLD on the open market) and the total number of tokens purchased. “When we launched the YIELD app, it was with the express intention of opening Up DeFi to make profitable opportunities in this industry accessible to everyone,” said Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App. “We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed this mission with nearly 60,000 users using our platform worldwide. We expect DeFi and the broader digital asset management ecosystem to continue to expand its user base in the future, especially in developing countries where products and services like ours are most valuable. Frost summarizes: “At the moment, of course, the YIELD app is much smaller than BlockFi or Celsius, but that makes us agile. We offer a bridge between the profitable worlds of DeFi, which are usually only accessible to highly experienced investors over time, and these more centralized services. This means higher yields with less friction for our users. YIELD App is a centralized way to interact with the world of decentralized finance.

Users deposit cryptocurrency, which is then managed by the platform`s team of internal fund managers, who in turn explore various ways to generate feedback on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Justin Wright, CFO and COO of YIELD App, said: “Unfortunately, there is still the ubiquitous risk of hacks or exploits in DeFi, where a smart person is able to exploit a weakness in the armor of a smart contract (through which all DeFi protocols are executed) and empty a protocol`s cash pool.” “As part of our own strategy, we are strongly focused on finding sustainable opportunities with low volatility that can generate the high returns that our users expect from us. Our portfolio team takes a diversified approach that ensures efficient and stable asset management. YIELD App uses its own automated and proprietary portfolio allocation, research, smart contract auditors and approved counterparty tools to provide and manage the assets it manages to users. Important Note: Polygon contract addresses are different from ERC-20. The company is unique in that it operates active portfolio management, while most cryptocurrency interest account platforms tend to rely on automated lending mechanisms. The YIELD app aims to combine risk mitigation, social intelligence and analytics, smart contract review, and batch transactions with comprehensive technical and business due diligence. Diversification and active portfolio management appear to be the cornerstones of YIELD App`s management strategy. . Layer 2 solutions have often been touted by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin as the most practical and immediate solution to Ethereum`s congestion problem until Ethereum 2.0 is complete. Layer 2 solutions are a fast and cost-effective way to trade on the DeFi system, with users only having to connect their ERC-20 tokens to the new network to start trading. “As financial regulators around the world often point out, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and should not be used as an indicator of future returns,” Frost says.

YLD holders can now benefit from this speed and profitability by connecting their ETH and YLD assets to the Polygon network via the official Matic Bridge. YLD can now be traded with any token available on the QuickSwap exchange almost instantly and with negligible fees. Frost explains: “Owning the YLD token is a way for our users to increase their returns to a maximum of 17% APY. We have an animal system, which means that the more YLD users keep in their wallets, the more they earn. For example, the basic APY for stablecoins (USDT and USDC) is 11%, but Tier 5 users who hold more than 20,000 YLDs earn another YLD of 6% on the core assets as well as another 10% on the YLD they hold, also paid in YLD. QuickSwap was launched in February 2021 and now has a daily trading volume of $13.2 million and over $110 million in cash. The main attractions of QuickSwap and the Polygon network are ultra-fast transactions and almost zero gas charges. YIELD App`s growth and marketing team is made up of former financial journalists, creative designers, and crypto-native digital marketers.

Jan Standberg, Director of Growth, and Adrien Geneste, Director of Marketing, have a background in crypto and digital marketing and have contributed to the success of crypto company Paxful. The portfolio team aggregates all users` funds and invests them in various investment strategies based on cryptography and DeFi protocols. The YIELD application aims to reduce the capital required as well as the transaction costs, complexities and time costs that a person would face alone. . The Yield app aims to connect traditional and decentralized finances by providing high-yield mutual funds that do not depend on unstable national currencies or pure speculation. Commenting on the launch of the QuickSwap YLD-ETH liquidity pool, Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App, said: “We are delighted to extend the liquidity and availability of the YLD token by making it available on the Polygon network via QuickSwap. This is another step forward for us to provide our community with innovative solutions based on their feedback and recommendations. “Of course, we are aware of this and are taking all possible measures to reduce the risks for our users. We have world-class technology and people to mitigate these risks. In addition, we only invest funds in a hand-picked selection of proven protocols where we have conducted forensic due diligence, and we value diversification. While the basic passive income APIs offered by YIELD App for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDC are above average, the value proposition in combination with its YLD utility reward token is growing significantly.1.) How to set up Metamask with the Polygon QuickSwap network is quickly establishing itself as the main Layer 2 DEX for DeFi traders, many of whom have been disadvantaged by the congestion and high gas fees of Ethereum`s main chain. These rising costs have often made transactions of lower volumes prohibitively expensive, reducing the accessibility of DeFi for some users.

“We operate a portfolio that is actively managed and overseen by a decentralized and centralized team of traditional finance experts,” adds Frost. “We focus on highly liquid, low-volatility and, above all, sustainable investment opportunities. We recently hired a new Chief Investment Officer, Lucas Kiely, who brings a wealth of experience from leading companies such as UBS and Credit Suisse and will help further strengthen our fund strategy. The process of using a Layer 2 solution will be new for many users, but it`s a safe and fairly simple process. The first step is to add the polygon network to your metamask as a custom RPC. After that, you can use the official Matic bridge to link all the listed assets (including YLD tokens). At this point, you can start using QuickSwap for almost no-fee trading and reduced liquidity! Before buying YLD on Uniswap or SushiSwap, make sure that MetaMask (or any other Ethereum web wallet) is installed in your browser. Rewards are distributed every 24 hours and can be redeemed at any time. However, they are not automatically added or composed, but if you want to reinvest your rewards, you need to reinvest them in your account. The company plans to add auto-compounding in the future. Yield App`s documentation shows that the company often adjusts prices up and down to market conditions to ensure the sustainability of its model. Users can earn up to 17% if they maximize the YLD loyalty and rewards program, which we`ll discuss below. E-mail (Ð1/2ÐμÐ3/4бÑз аÑÐμлÑÐ1/2Ð3/4) The YIELD app is open to all users worldwide, with the exception of a few dozen countries such as the United States.