One on One Meetings

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One on One meetings

Credit to: Mike Miller

For each one on one meeting a member gets the value of two leads. the object is for each member to
have lunch or meet separately with a member of ENO and learn about their business and the individual.
After the meeting, each member completes a form that discloses the meeting, time and location of
meeting. Part of the for is to provide ideas on how ENO can help that particular member.
This can be in the way of leads, types of leads to look for, or ideas on how to promote the individuals
business. The ideas also are put into a pool to measure of accumulated ideas. these ideas are shared as
they come in with that member, and the group as a whole in the event similar ideas can benefit others
in the group.
This pool will enable those participating to be rewarded for assisting fellow members to improve their
business. I am not exactly sure how to develop this, could be a separate dinner for those who make the
effort, or separate drawings at the yearend Christmas meeting.
For instance in meeting with Carey Martin I suggested he develop a winter and summer trip to a ski
resort in the winter and a baseball trip in the summer.
In meeting with Bob Butler we discussed how his group could benefit from Section 179d which allows
for depreciating on a pre described basis improvements to certain government construction based upon
certain work that could be done. the approach is somewhat technical, but can yield great benefits if
properly approached. We also decided to meet more often and see if we could not assist each other in
making contacts to benefit our organizations. I also learned about the size of his business and the types
of work his group is best fitted to perform.
In meeting with Al Hodge, I learned what he did and how his market benefits from certain types of loans
that could fit the needs of my clients and future referrals. I learned what distinguishes what he does
form a regular bank, and the flexibility he has in the right loan situation. He also dispelled concerns I had
about certain loans with government guarantees.
Learning what someone is capable of allows people to make better decisions about how to approach
people for services or referring them to someone needing services. It quiets a lot so concern on the
referring party's side of the equation.
These are examples of what three lunches helped me learn, and how i can now be mindful of the needs
each has and how I might be able to recognize opportunities.
As I was talking with Roger today, and made the comment something like " creating an understanding
allows you to recognize and act on opportunity".
In the book the Art of War, the author was paraphrasing a great Chinese War Lord the two most
important elements are "knowledge" and never backing anyone into a corner and thereby provoking an

unnecessary battle. You may when the battle, but lose the war. Put into a business context
"understanding the situation allows to gain the biggest benefit", By helping people rather than chasing
people, you build relationships that yield long term benefits by helping people rather than being upset
over the fact you are not able to provide services for each individual.

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