What keeps you from moving forward

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What keeps you from moving forward

Getting the Important Stuff Done
Follow up on June 24 meeting.
Ted asked me at the meeting to speak a little on my Power Questions and focus on # 3. (see
#3. What stops you from making changes? What stops you from making changes that would move you and or your business forward? I thought about this question this morning while I was looking at my list of things I need to do. I bet there are some things that you are constantly saying “I need to…..”or “I wish that…”or “I have got to find a way to…..”etc. Listen to yourself over the couple of weeks and you will come up with some things that are costing you Time, Energy or Money that up should address. Now start asking yourself why you do not do something about whatever it is that keeps getting in your way, bothering you or holding you back.
If you have a minute, I will give you some examples of little things in my world and maybe you can relate them to bigger things in your business/world . I am good at making list and occasionally remember to look at the list after I make them. This
morning, after the meeting yesterday, I was even more aware of the number of things on the list that have been there forever. So, I asked myself, “What keeps me from doing these things because I know they are causing me stress and eating up my time and energy”. I went item by item and ask the question. The answers were very clear. It was a mixture of the unknown and past history knowns that were creating stress at the thought of doing these things. I would look at an item and think, this is going to be a hassle (calling Comcast and getting a new modem that Chuck Denton told me to do two months ago)… or tackling this is going to be stressful because it is something I really don’t know how to do (figuring out why my carbonite isn’t backing up, cleaning up my drop box, fixing some Microsoft update that keeps wanting to be fixed)…or this is going to cost me money and irritate me because I shouldn’t be having this problem and I’ll realize how much it has been costing me because I couldn’t make a decision to cancel the service or get the problem fixed (my home security hasn’t worked in months)…or this it is going to take some time (I don’t want to spend taking my car to Xfinity so I can talk on my car again but no matter what name I ask my car to call, it calls American Airlines) or sometimes it is just I don’t know anything about what I need to do and I am going to have to learn something and this is going to make me feel stupid (too many example for this concern). Basically, it comes down to THIS is going to take Time, Energy or Money or all three. However, doing THIS will move me forward and save me Time, Energy and or Money.

I bet if you look at your list, you will see that like mine, most things that stay on the list are Important but Not Urgent. Most of our time is spent doing things that are Urgent and Important, Urgent but Not Important or Not Important and Not Urgent. (Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey). Important but Not Urgent things will move us forward and make our lives and businesses better. To do these things we have to make plans, set goals, schedule time blocks and commit. It is easier to do the Not Important and Not Urgent stuff because these are often much more fun. So, this morning, feeling all motivate by me and my wise words yesterday, I committed to getting things on my list, off my list. Today, after 5 calls for various reasons, I finally got the
right nice person and a new modem is on its way to me. (I hope me yelling at their phone tree did not get recorded.) I took my car to Infinity and after an hour the techs finally figured it out, agreed it ws the car and not me or my phone and did not charge me because I was so nice. I talked with my guy Rob at Bizteck and “we” fixed four different issues I had been dealing (or not dealing) with. Tomorrow I am going to pay my taxes and call my alarm company. There is more on the list and I am going to designate each to a day or a time to “do it”. This time next week the list will not recognize itself. Now……It is your turn to ”get ‘er done”. Call me or Morris if you need help moving forward and please overlook any typos, grammatical errors etc. ….because you love me

Super Sized Questions

? #1. What is not working in your life?
? #2. How does this limit you?
? #3. What stops you from making changes?
? #4. How would your life look if it were the way you want it?
? #5. What needs to happen to get there?
? #6. What would be the 1st step?
? #7. Will you do this?
? #8. When will you do this?
and To whom will you be accountable?

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